Why a New Website?

Well – It was kind of an accident.  I really hadn’t thought too much about having a professional website done because I didn’t think I could afford it.  But after I went to the She Speaks conference in July, I came back determined to start getting serious about my other blog/website, My Grace-Full Life.  And getting serious meant investing in myself and my blog.

I wanted to take My Grace-Full Life to the next level, and since I had this website and the domain, DeniseHeidel.com, it didn’t make sense to do for one and not the other two.  I am so glad I didn’t stop a third of the way there.  

A professional presence is a crucial component of digital success.  As many of my clients and friends can attest – I’m a firm believer that an active and engaging social media presence is the first step.  More people visit your social media channels before they visit your website.  But if the content is good – to the website, they will go (embracing my inner Yoda!). 

My websites weren’t bad for an amateur.  I wasn’t completely unhappy with them.  But as the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  Now that I’ve seen what they look like in the hands of a talented web designer who actually knows what he is doing – I’m eager and excited for visitors to come to my page!  

The process and expense of a quality website have been, in my opinion, worth every penny.  And thankfully, I had a talented resource.  I met Ian McIlwraith when I wrote web copy for a client for whom he was building their website.  Smart, crazy fast, and super affordable – I have been blown away by his quotes, especially when I know what others are charging.  Admittedly, I was initially skeptical, but he proved to me through the experience of our shared client that he doesn’t cut corners, even if he does cut the price. 

Working with him has been a delightful experience.  He’s patient, thorough, and detail-oriented.  I am beyond happy with the results.  

With that said – welcome to my website!  I am so proud of it and eager for you to look around and make yourself at “home.”