The Social Media Connection to Your Customers

I’ve long believed that social media is a necessary evil for a business owner.  Indeed, I may anger some web developers, but I honestly think most small businesses would do better to purchase a smaller-scale website and make sure they have a strong social media presence.  Your social media is the quickest vehicle for you to reach YOUR customers (rather than sitting back and waiting for them to find you!). It’s a platform through which you build a brand following, name recognition, and loyalty.

As we navigate these difficult days of coronavirus, never has this been proven to be more important.  Though priorities are shifting right now, this is a critical time to keep your name and business in front of your potential clients.  You want your clients to remember you, and this is a perfect time to establish trust with your business.

I debated whether to use this as an example because I don’t want to seem like I’m picking on anyone.  But it’s too powerful an example not to share.  I will not provide names or locations, but there is a business I “like” on Facebook that is currently shut down due to coronavirus.  This business has a very inactive Facebook page.  In fact, before this week, they had not communicated with their audience since August 2019.  And they had a five-month lapse in posts before that!  And now, with the coronavirus in place, they have posted a Go Fund Me in the hopes of raising tens of thousands of dollars for their employees.

Times are difficult, and they might have had a successful campaign with this had they nurtured their online relationship with their customers.  But despite multiple shares, they have received less than ½ a percentage of their goal.  And I’m being pretty generous when I say that.

Granted, they put this campaign up over the weekend, but everyone is home!  The time is optimal for their 1500+ Facebook “likes” to see this post.  But from where I sit, it’s crickets.

Again, I don’t want to seem like I’m picking on this business.  I am not affiliated with them and don’t know any of their owners, managers, or staff.  I am simply observing, and I recognize that silence during times that are good means that customers are going to be silent during times that are bad.

All this to say – make sure you’re staying on top of your social media.  Whether I drive it or not is not relevant.  Just make sure you’re staying in front of your customers and keeping your name and brand fresh in their minds.

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