The Positive Side of the Coronavirus

About a month ago, I wrote a blog called “Positive on Purpose.” The idea of the phrase is the choice we make every day… The choice of how we react. You can read the blog here.

As I type THIS blog, we are merely days into massive changes in our world and country. Today, for instance, in NC, dining in restaurants has been suspended, and restaurants are only allowed to offer takeout and delivery services. Groups of 10 or more are restricted (though I’ve kind of wondered how that works for the Duggar family and similar…). And the President has advised that these restrictions are in place for at least 15 days. Maybe longer.

It’s terrifying.

I’ve struggled the last two days with anxiety. As a small business owner, I’m more concerned about the economic impact than I am the actual virus. I’ve been drinking copious amounts of peppermint tea and stretching my back because that’s where my tension tends to settle.

Most of all, I’ve been praying. I do not make it a secret to any of my clients that I am a Christian. It is my faith in Jesus and trust in Him that gets me through my best of best days, and certainly — He has carried me through my worst.

But in the middle of all this chaos, and in the middle of praying, I’ve seen some rays of light. I’m working to follow the principles of being “Positive on Purpose,” and I want to share some thoughts with you…

  • As terrifying as this time is, there has been NO shortage of laughter. The creative and hilariously relatable memes that circulate through social media have given us a way to bond through social distancing.
  • I’ve seen first hand the American spirit is still alive and highly creative. From zoos offering online tours…. Playbill is offering access to free, recorded Broadway shows…. Virtual museum tours… Retail boutiques are offering curbside pick up for customers…. Restaurants are changing their standard business practices to keep their businesses open, and their teams’ employed…. There have been a number of creative ways that organizations have adapted in response to these restrictions.
  • We’ve seen encouragement and morale building. From friends, strangers, and other business owners — we’re in this together! Petty arguments seem to be relegated to the back burner (for the most part) as we recognize this is a difficult time for everyone.
  • There have been sharing opportunities. For instance, a Facebook friend today shared about the ease of Costco delivery, which I had no clue about and appreciate knowing!

I won’t lie. I’m scared. My business is designed to support small businesses. And if my clients suffer, then it’s going to impact my family and me. But if I can look for these rays of sunlight — these “positive on purpose” moments — the whole thing is a little easier. I know there’s a plan. I’m praying about it. I’m trying to leave it with God. I am grateful that I have a wonderful network of family, friends, clients, and colleagues who understand… Who are determined to weather this storm and come out strong on the other side.

As we ride this wave of uncertainty in the weeks ahead, please look for the positives and show your support for small businesses:

  • Shop online
  • Order takeout
  • Buy a gift card for future use
  • Like and share their posts on social media and invite your friends to learn about their business.

Be positive on purpose and shower one another with love and kindness.

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