I have been blessed to know and work with people who have become great friends and business partners. When it comes to making a recommendation — it’s not something I do lightly. In fact, I take it very seriously, because my personal endorsement has my name on it. If I vouch for someone’s credibility — please trust that I REALLY, REALLY believe in them! To that end… If you’re looking for…

A Dynamic Photographer… Look no further than Photo Artistry by Melinda. While I’ve been honored to work with a number of incredibly talented photographers over the years, but Melinda’s work consistently blows me away. She is both humble and sweet, and her skills behind a camera are unparalleled. She is great at giving her subjects direction to make their pictures look their best and somehow, she even makes the process fun! Check out her website and give her a like on Facebook!

Advertising Opportunities… Y’all, my heart will always belong to print advertising. And after 10+ years with Forsyth Magazines serving in various capacities including Project Manager, Editorial Director, Account Executive, and Senior Writer, I know these ladies. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who loves their community the way they do. Check out their websites and give them a like on Facebook!

Great Tech Support…  Creative IT in Kernersville is fast, responsive, and while I know them for their stellar Apple know-how, these guys are bilingual in PC too. They know how to work on computers and crazily enough, make it understandable for the everyday user. Check out their website and give them a like on Facebook!