How to Create a Branding Board

We have already discussed the importance of branding; you can read my article here for more info. But where should you start? What you need to keep in mind is that branding is all about recognition and recall. Your business needs to gain recognition so that when your customers need a product like yours, they will easily recall your brand. 

So, how do you gain recognition?

You need to create a branding board which allows you to unify your brand. The main factors of a branding board should contain the logo, a color pallet, your chosen fonts, and images representing the soul of your brand. A branding board is basically a brand brainstorm; it is a place to jog your memory, maintain consistency, and inspire creativity.


First, you need to experiment with your logo. Hire a designer or even design it yourself (there are tons of logo-creation software options available). Your logo will be on everything and will inspire the rest of your branding tactics, so make sure you consider lots of options. A good rule of thumb is to include the name of your business and a little something that represents what its function is.

Here are some exemplary logos:


Next, you should brainstorm the primary colors associated with your brand. This will keep things content uniformed and professional-looking. Choose carefully because colors convey emotions, feelings, and experiences. For example, yellow and orange make you feel hungry (e.g., Mcdonalds, Wendys, and Pizza Hut logos). If you are going for more professional, avoid bright primary colors, and add interest (e.g., maroon rather than red, blue with a bit of green, “warm yellow”). You will use these colors on signs, for social media content, in stores, for shopping bags, and even on the products themselves. 

Here are some more examples. 


Like with your color pallet, having a small number of fonts keeps things professional and recognizable. Many companies have created their own fonts to bolster individuality. Having these picked out will make the lives of your content creators much easier or will spare you the headache of trying to pick and choose from thousands of font options every time you want to publicize your product. 

Brand Inspirations

These are keywords, quotes, ideas, or images that help you stay on theme across the board. This brainstorm will help you fill out websites, design stores, create ads, and unify social media content. This section is meant to guide the “vibe” of your business. Here are a couple of inspiration boards:

As you begin to make decisions about your brand, consider getting input from professionals. There is a lot of information out there to help you create the most effective and recognizable brand possible, but it never hurts to get individualized advice and direction. And remember, the whole point of creating a branding board is to become recognizable, so maintain consistency; once you have chosen all of your components, stick with them!