Coronavirus and the Small Business Impact

Y’all – the world is in panic. Fears of coronavirus are very real and impacting life as we know it. While we shake our heads at the absurdity of the toilet paper shortage, the economic impact of this virus has the potential to be far-reaching. And I’m not talking about the upswing in Charmin and Lysol stock prices. Small businesses represent 99.9% of all US businesses, and we represent 44% of the overall economy. This virus is a very real threat to many small business owners.

As events are canceled, and the government restricts travel and public gatherings, small businesses are feeling the pinch and anxieties are running high. For some of us — working from home is part of our norm. We don’t have to interact in person in order to do business. Personally, I love to have meetings with my clients via Zoom. If you’ve never used it — I highly recommend it! ( — download it for free on your computer, tablet, and phone!). If we need to meet and you’re worried about going out, no worries! Let’s Zoom! We can even share screens! I’ll admit that it’s very likely that I’ll be wearing pajama pants, but we can make a virtual meeting work! Remember, I am a virtual assistant. The beauty of my job is that you don’t need to see me unless you just want to! And technology gives us the best of both worlds.

But for those small businesses who need to be open — restaurants, retailers, etc…. Stay calm. Use caution. This isn’t forever.

For those families and friends of small business owners, please show your support during this time. Everyone is scared, but for the small business owner, it’s more than fear of a virus. It’s a fear of lost livelihood. And if they have employees, a fear of how to take care of their teams. Encourage them. If there’s an option to shop online, do it!

I have a tremendous heart for small businesses. These small businesses are the reason I opened my own business — to support them and help them grow. It’s what I love to do.

Please make sure that once this crisis is over, you make small business a big priority.

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