10 Ways to Inspire your Employees

Don’t you love that moment in action movies when the squad of heroes walks in slow-mo, side-by-side, drawing their various weapons, ready to face their destiny and whatever unknowns it may hold? It’s super inspirational, right? I think we love that inspirational moment because we want to feel like part of a team, have a mission, and experience new and exciting things.

Having a nine-to-five job seems to be the antithesis of these aspirations. But it doesn’t have to be. Being a member of a business means you are part of a team, with a mission, each one of you unique and integral when facing new obstacles. If you want to inspire your employees to get in touch with this reality, recognize and celebrate the successes and vital role each plays in your business efforts.

But why bother inspiring your workers? Because being a boss who is interested in the morale of your employees is financially responsible. Keeping your employees inspired will help you create a desirable work environment that will attract excellent workers and motivate your current employees to be loyal, efficient, and creative. The following are ways you can recognize the efforts of your employees and reap the rewards.

  1. Give your employees detailed feedback – prove to them that their contributions matter and that you are interested in their personal advancement.
  2. Create groups – Remember, feeling part of a team is key, so let them work together.
  3. Ask them about their interests and try to put them in a position to exercise those skills.
  4. Treat them as equals – this will make them respect you more, not less.
  5. Make an extra effort – surprise them all with morning coffee or bring in a dessert.
  6. Give them the raises and promotions they deserve on time.
  7. Trust them – let them do things differently and explore new ways of doing their jobs.
  8. Put yourself in their shoes – remember what you like to see in a boss.
  9. Remember important dates – plug birthdays, work anniversaries, etc. into your calendar and make sure to celebrate them in some way.
  10. Respect them – give them praise in front of other employees and let them know when you mention their good work to other superiors – this will not only reinforce good work but also inspire it in others.

All of this effort is about inspiring your employees to be creative, efficient, and loyal. Remind them that you see them as individuals who are present because their specific skills are vital to the team’s mission.